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We know that mountain climbing is one of the most exiting and interesting hobbies in the world. Beginners could find it challenging and mountaineering expert will just enjoy it. Nevertheless, there is a lot of people, from different ages, willing to embrace what mountain have to offer.


Climbing a Mountain.net was created mainly for people that have, no to basic knowledge, about mountain climbing and want to adventure some of the most spectacular summits in the world.

Part of our commitment is to provide with the best and most accurate information for those beginners that are passionate about mountaineering.

– Have you wonder what is the most attractive Summit in South America?

– Do you know what mountaineering training do you need in order to climb a mountain if you are a beginner?

– Last but not least, are you aware of what mountain equipment is important to have before you go and adventure a summit?

Never underestimate what a mountain has to offer. Embracing the world should be a fantastic experience.

Most of the people think that only the seven summits are the most exiting mountains because they are the most famous. Yes, they are the most famous but also are the most challenging mountain to climb for beginners. Luckily for you my friend, there are other mountains that can offer a great experience such as the Mt Kosciuszko, which is located in Australia, New South Wales.

In response to the questions above, we exist to provide:

  • general information and news about mountain climbing destinations in the world so that, we help climber beginners to conquer different summits.
  • mountain climbing product reviews and guides that we believe are important to list so that you buy the right mountain climbing gear. We know there is different available gear, clothes and boots suitable for mountain climbing but not all of them could perform the same, based on your needs.Climbing a Mountain - About CAM
  • last but not least, mountain climbing tips and advice for beginners that are important for your mind and body training. This will ensure that you build up a good stamina, endurance, mind set and finally, knowledge.

If you think there is other important aspects to cover for mountain climbing, we are here to help people to find the right answers so that we can get better mountaineering adventures.

Let us get you inspired and NEVER limit what you are capable of doing when adventuring a summit