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Welcome to Climbing a Mountain - CAM

We know that climbing a mountain is one of the most exiting activities in the world but could be challenging. Nevertheless, there is a lot of people, from different ages, willing to embrace what mountains have to offer.

Do you know what is the highest mountain in Australia?

Do you what mountain is ideal to climb if you are a rookie?

Do you know what mountain climbing elements, from clothes to equipment, is suitable for you?

Most of the people think that only the seven summits are the most important ones when talking about mountain climbing. This is a wrong concept that has been created because of their history behind. However, there are other mountains that can offer a great experience.

In response to that the questions above, we exist to provide:

  • general information and news about mountain climbing destinations in the world so that, we help climbers, from beginners to experts, to conquer different summits.
  • mountain climbing product reviews and guides that we believe are important to mention. We know there is different available gear, clothes and boots suitable for mountain climbing but not all of them could perform the same, based on your needs.
  • mountain climbing essential tips that you need to be aware in order to have a good mountain climbing experience when attempting a summit.
  • mountain climbing training tips to improve yous stamina, endurance, mind set and last but not least, knowledge.

Never underestimate what a mountain has to offer. Embracing the world should be a fantastic experience.

If you think there is other important aspects to cover in mountain climbing, we are here to help (with you) so that we can also help other mountaineers.

Embrace the Summit with Climbing a Mountain - CAM

Let us get you inspired and NEVER limit what you are capable of doing when adventuring a summit