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Finding the right gear or clothing for your first or next mountaineering experience is a MUST. In this section, we are providing reviews and guides about mountaineering boots, clothing and gear for both women and men based on what is most rated in the market.

We hope you find a review of what you are looking for, otherwise send us a message and we will gather the information for you.

Mountaineering Boots Reviews

Best Mountaineering Boots Reviews & Buying Guides

Start the Challenge with La Sportiva B1 Mountaineering Boots Reviews La Sportiva B1 mountaineering boots have been the favorite boots for mountain climbers all over the world since 1928. The boots worn by women are slightly lighter and leaner than those worn by men. La Sportiva B1 line of mountaineering boot brands include the Makalu line, the Trango Cube GTX ...
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