Mountain Climber Exercise: facts & workout routine

Mountain climber exercise is a compound activity that you need to incorporate into your workout routine.

Most people are looking for exercises that will work different parts of their body at the same time. The moment you drop on the floor in plank position ready for a series of mountain climbers, you will be working out various parts of your body from your arms all the way down to your legs.

Here is what you need to know about mountain climber exercise.

What do Mountain Climbers Work?

As a compound exercise, you may wonder what do mountain climbers work? To start off, your arm muscles need to be strong to sustain your body weight as you draw your legs in and out towards your chest. At the same time, mountain climbers work your back muscles as you sustain the plank position throughout the exercise.

Your legs get a good workout too, as you do the mountain climber exercise.

mountain climber exercise - plank
Tip: when doing planks, try to start with 30 seconds duration, then increase to 1 minute as you get stronger. As your core gets stronger, you could try 3 planks with 1 minute rest in between.

Mountain climbers are hailed as top ab toning exercises. For most people, getting a toned stomach is not only a sight to behold but also makes you feel better about yourself. However, it is probably one of the hardest things to achieve.

It requires some extra work and you must incorporate specific ab exercises to get rid of stomach fat. Mountain climbers target your abs directly. A few seconds into the exercise will have you feeling a burning sensation on your abs.

Increasing Flexibility

Besides toning the body, we are all looking to increase flexibility through our workouts. Joint flexibility is particularly very important because it helps the body withstand more intense exercise with time.

Mountain climber exercise helps you achieve flexibility of the hips and knees when you move your legs in and out under your chest. The more you engage in mountain climbers, your hip and knee joints become supple and achieve greater mobility.

Start your Mountain Climber Exercise at your Fitness Level

As with all other exercises, you can start off with a few repetitions of the mountain climbers for about 30 seconds and increase the intensity gradually.

Mountain Climber Exercise routine
Mountain Climber Exercise Program

Your body will slowly adjust to the movement and you can go up to 1 minute or more depending on how much your arms, abs, back, hip and knees can handle.

Remember, the more you practice, the better you will become to it.

Increasing your Cardio Endurance

Another wonderful benefit of the mountain climber exercise is that it gives you a cardio workout. When you move your legs back and forth, your heart rate will increase.

It is important to engage in mountain climbers at your level of fitness.

If you are just getting started on your fitness journey, you need to take it slow as if you are doing a walk. You may not manage to achieve the running movement in the beginning, but will improve with time.

Abs workout
Abs workout

As your flexibility and resistance increase, you can speed up your mountain climbers to get a better cardio workout.

Last but not least, No Need for Equipment

The amazing thing with mountain climbers is that you do not need any equipment or special facility. You can just drop on the floor and get your mountain climbers going.

You will probably think that doing less that 1 hour or few planks will do not much, but in fact, a few repetitions everyday will set you up on a path to rip off the various benefits that the mountain climber exercise promises.

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